caniasERP IoT - Internet of Things and Automation

In this period, where smart automation systems become increasingly important, having a management tool fully compatible with the ERP system to manage production systems should be the primary target for businesses. The IoT solution is fully integrated with caniasERP to manage all processes in the company. It works in synchronization with many modules, especially the PRD-Production Planning and Control module, and ensures the processing of all important data related to the production stages and control of the production lines.


Machines and devices are connected to the caniasERP system through the IoT solution and provides integrated operations. In this way, the business centers become an extension of the caniasERP system. No extra effort is required to transfer business information to business centers and to collect production data from business centers. Since the business centers are connected to the caniasERP system, they can directly access the business information that needs to be done. Likewise, any production data in the business center is reflected online in the caniasERP system and cause no delay.


IoT Gateway

With the IoT Gateway, machine and device data are recorded and requested actions are taken at defined periods. Machine configurations are defined on the IoT Gateway and the collected data is transferred to the target tables.

IoT Connector

IoT Connector is an application infrastructure developed for live monitoring of automation data and instant processing of production approvals (production amount, waste amount, rework amount etc.). The difference from IoT Gateway is that it enables user interaction.

In order to use IoT Connector, it is necessary to run a kiosk (computer) next to the devices in production. On this PC, the operator can log in to the Canias Client and control the production through the work orders defined in the machine on the screens similar to the production screens (enhanced with the data from the automation).

Easy Installation And Configuration

The IoT solution can be installed on the server and made ready for use in a few steps. Communication is provided with simple support table adjustments without making complicated configuration settings.

A Scalable Architecture

IoT Gateway and IoT Connector solutions can be used individually or in combination. Thus, there are options to address all kinds of problems in simple or complex structures.

Different Devices, Different Communication Protocols

IoT solution can be connected to different devices such as PLC controlled machines, CNC machines, OPC Server or devices communicating over serial port, meters and sensors using the same infrastructure.

Cost Advantage

With the caniasERP server, devices are able to communicate directly through IoT, thus eliminating the need to work with external systems and companies, thereby providing a huge cost advantage.

Easy Development

Since all kinds of machines and devices are accessible by caniasERP with the IoT solution, improvements can be made quickly and easily at low cost with TROIA.

Infrastructure Compatible with Current Technologies

One of the biggest challenges in automation systems is that there are different communication protocols resulting from the variety of technological infrastructures used in the system. In different sectors, machines and production lines can differ significantly and change over time. It is very easy to support new communication protocols thanks to the infrastructure of IoT solution suitable for developing technology.

Production Cockpit and Live Production Monitor

The production environment data collected with the IoT solution is interpreted in the caniasERP PRI – Production Intelligence module and made meaningful. The productivity of the production environment can be monitored in real time with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that can be defined for the Facility, Production Line, Capacity Groups and Business Centers. KPI definitions are extremely flexible and deviations can be followed on a period basis determined by the production environments defined in the system.


  • Different types of devices and machines can be communicated.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • It has a scalable structure, different architectures can be established according to the need.
  • Easy development can be done with Troia.
  • Its cost is much better than its peers.
  • It is very easy to meet new report needs.
  • It can communicate seamlessly with PLC controlled machines, CNC machines, OPC servers, meters and sensors.
  • Supports Profinet, Profibus, Modbus, MtConnect protocols
  • No development is required for the connection, it is sufficient to define the configurations
  • Can run on client and server type infrastructure.
  • No device or connection limits